Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Solid Coin

Solidcoin is a very interesting coin as it started out with a lot of controversy.   There are two main parties, that of Coinhunter who is the owner of the coin and his rival Bitcoinexpress.  I would say both are fascinating people and super intelligent.   So their conversations are interesting to read.   Basically Solidcoin started on 20th of August 2011.   There are suppose to be quite a lot of improvements as listed:

  • Faster transaction processing
  • Protection against pump-n-dump by large pools
  • Twice daily difficulty retargets
  • 3 minute blocks, 32 SolidCoins per block
  • Maximum coin generation of 18.9 million (18900000) to be reached by ~2022
  • Fixed transactions fees instead of unknown variable fees in BTC
  • Interface improvements
  • JSON API improvements
  • Different address format

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