Sunday, 6 May 2012


Fairbrix was announced on October 01, 2011, 09:36:57 PM。 I would say that it is not as well prepared as Tenebrix in that it still required the miner from Tenebrix to mine.   It is another of the so call GPU resistant coin but had no loaded Genesis block.  As given by Coblee of Bitcointalk, The main difference between Fairbrix and Tenebrix is that Fairbrix does not come with 7.7 million premined coins.  In fact it has only 100 blocks premined.

Fairbrix details as given by Coblee

Fairbrix details:
 - scrypt proof of work
 - 25 coins per block. this stays the same forever
 - blocks found every 5 minutes on average
 - 2016 blocks difficulty retargeting (1 week on average)
 - default rpc port: 8645
 - default port: 8591 (open this in your router)

To be frank, I like this coin a lot, but it doesn't seem to catch on under pressure from Tenebrix as well as the later Litecoin, it goes into oblivion.   Hopefully someone can revive it for other purposes such as a MMORPG currency, that would certainly be interesting.

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