Monday, 7 May 2012


Solidcoin evolved from a GPU coin to a GPU resistant coin.  It is now going to evolve yet another time into an interesting product known as Microcash.   Copied from Coinhunter Posting in the Bitcointalk, the features are as below

*) MicroCash is going to include every SolidCoin in it,
*) When MicroCash launches there is going to be a "Launch Bonus" , meaning mining rewards are going to be MUCH higher than normal for a week or so. Total inflation from the bonus will be 100K
*) MicroCash will not have trust nodes
*) MicroCash will have a similar hashing and pool mechanism as SolidCoin
*) MicroCash will not have trust accounts. Meaning the only coins brought forward will be the 2.8 million user coins
*) MicroCash will have an alternate 51% mining protection mechanism which will mean the power of the network is more in the users hands
*) MicroCash will have a different address format. It looks like micro(QSM3PKS3EOZBUZO4A)cash

I think a lot of us Alternate coin fans will be anxiously waiting for the launch.   Wishing Coinhunter a smooth launch!

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