Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Case of IceCoin

Icecoin was founded by Aquaman a member of Bitcointalk (June 11, 2013, 07:40:36 PM).    Apparently it died quite early with 24 hours of the launch.   We see him closing the thread and deleting the contents of his announcement.   The founder had 200k coins premined.   But it had a 51% attack that left the chain forked and the coins lost.   For Alt Coins, this is not unusual but things took a twist when Nolo decided to relaunch IceCoin apparently without the permission of the Founder, Aquaman.   The new relaunch information as below.   Hope IceCoin has better luck this time.  One thing for sure, wonder how does Aquaman and Nolo going to settle the ownership issue.

No, I am not the creator/developer of this coin.

This coin was originally launched by "AquaMan" in this thread:

He premined 250,000, but when the coin was launched, someone with much more hashing power than he, forked the chain, and apparently those coins were lost.  He got mad, and locked the thread.

I am "re-releasing" this coin, with the blockchain still entact.  But as of this point, no one has claimed that they received the 250,000 coins.

Here is a link to the Windows binaries:!pNw3jAwI!TjFZkWtltmEwiQqt1PBknif_AQUnGVR5Th4utv_PNDw (you'll have to copy and paste that link, can't just click it)

Disclaimer: I did not compile these binaries, and can make no warranty as to their safety.  I haven't seen anyone have any problems with them yet.
If someone else was able to grab the source code, and wants to post it, then by all means do it.   Here's the source according to Kyune:

From what I can tell:
Block target time: 1 minute
Block subsidy: 10 Icecoins
Difficulty retarget time: 250 blocks (Not sure about this)

The current block count as of this posting: 488  (4,880 coins are in the wild)

RPC port = 8839
port = 8849

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