Wednesday, 29 May 2013

AMC Coin

AMC Coin also known as the American Coin is designated as the most patriotic coin.   It was first seen on the 29 May 2013 on the Bitcointalk.   I went to their web site and found that it claims to be based on Litecoin meaning it is more CPU friendly and is the most patriotic coin.  But how so?  Just because of the name?   Also it has a block reward of 100 coins and will be limited to 168 million coins making it twice as much as Litecoin.  It is optimized for CPU mining as expected using scrypt as a proof of work.   Interesting to see how it will compete against Litecoin.

The America Coin web site is at here.   At the moment it looks like it is supporting only the Windows Daemon and Wallet.   Looks like you can be one of the pioneers if you configure your rigs now:

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